09/11/2018 - Porno161 - Time To Call EP

21/09/2018 - Porno160 - Transcendence
07/09/2018 - Porno159 - Regenerated

A simple combination of 3 techno producers, working together as one to present a debut EP, entitled REGENERATED!

Four tracks in total to properly express their current vision and feelings about how techno should sound and we are happy they stand behind this. Hertzqvake & Kxel works as a blend of a duo Hertzqvake and a solo act Kxel, all coming from Spain are members of a new wave producers who's music is meant to touch the masses.

Stronger tempo, with some edgy elements is what we like to share with all of you :)

06/07/2018 - Porno158 - Krystal EP

New born project UNCERTAIN, marks the more frantic side of Techno says Boriqua Tribez, who's definitely not an unknown name to those who follow the industry long enough. After debut release of Boriqua's album 'Chocolate Fonk' in 2017, he is back to us, with three tracker EP, strongly different, rough and refreshed. We gave it a spin, we did this few times and we simply loved it.

18/05/2018 - Porno157 - Stars EP

Christian Bonori is quite a veteran already when it comes to Italian clubbing scene, where he is present already from the early 2000. Regular gigs in his home country, solid releases on labels like Bush Recordings, Yoshitoshi and Renesanz, brought his name into attention to some international promoters as well new fans and people supporting his devoted work.

We at Pornographic Recordings are happy to welcome him on board with a debut EP, entitled STARS.

Three tracks from which 'Atlas' is a bit different to us, kind of tracy if we have to give an example, but it does have a very nice vibe, melody and groove. Two others, lead track 'Phobos' and second one 'Hyperion' are bringing that techno blend we like to share with the world.

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