18/05/2018 - Porno157 - Stars EP

Christian Bonori is quite a veteran already when it comes to Italian clubbing scene, where he is present already from the early 2000. Regular gigs in his home country, solid releases on labels like Bush Recordings, Yoshitoshi and Renesanz, brought his name into attention to some international promoters as well new fans and people supporting his devoted work.

We at Pornographic Recordings are happy to welcome him on board with a debut EP, entitled STARS.

Three tracks from which 'Atlas' is a bit different to us, kind of tracy if we have to give an example, but it does have a very nice vibe, melody and groove. Two others, lead track 'Phobos' and second one 'Hyperion' are bringing that techno blend we like to share with the world.

16/03/2018 - Porno156 - Ruthless, Vol. 1

When you mix fresh nowadays talents with some established 'old dogs' into a nice, ten tracks compilation, you get a perfect blend of RUTHLESS techno journey. It can go straight and keep the tempo rising, reaching it's peak and slowing down to the finish line. Different artist profiles bringing different sounds and shapes.

16/02/2018 - Porno155 - Falling Away

Axel Karakasis is the most recognisable Greek name in the Techno scene. His career is marked by a number of classic themes and a series of appearances that have established him as an international DJ.

The rise to his present status did not happen overnight, but goes back to the 80s and the 90s, when Techno made its first appearance. Fascinated by this new wave, Axel’s courtship with electronic music saw a very different light…

By the late 90s, he was already known through various DJ residencies in Athens, as well as through his regular events with his team “Bubbles” – to be remembered to this date by many! This was when the techno wiz-kid earned his place among the top Greek DJs and appeared in numerous events in the biggest clubs of the Greek capital! He soon became the most wanted Greek Techno DJ, playing regularly in the biggest venues in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Crete and all over his native Greece.