22/12/2017 - Porno154 - The Restless Void

DJ Jock, Croatian 'wunderkind' recently got the highest number of votes from the audience and took home the prize for BEST TECHNO DJ of 2017 in his home country. A country we all know a lot about when it comes to summer festivals along their coast, so this is no doubt a nation that highly appreciate techno artists as well artists from other genres.

After remixing Ken Ishii for us back in June, it was a matter of time when we receive another serious EP from this talented producer. Well, here we are and on top of this, we have two monstrous remixes coming straight from Pornographic label boss Cristian Varela and our close friends The Advent & Industrialyzer.

We believe in proper techno and we believe the what you hear will work very well for you and your fans across the globe!

15/09/2017 - Porno150 - The Essence

The Essence is a solo EP written & produced by our label owner Cristian Varela and at the same time an important milestone for Pornographic Recordings and our loyal fans around the world.

27/01/2017 - Porno143 - Cosmic Jive

Croatia is a land which doesn't have just marvelous beaches and growing festival season during the summer, but it's a land where talented producers and future heroes are coming from. It's not an easy path, that's for sure, but with a strong belief and vision, nothing is impossible. Pornographic Recordings is happy to share another release, this time from a guy, who's name is David and you won't believe, his mother named him after a legendary David Bowie! What a cool mother this is! :)

Two tracks EP, entitled Cosmic Jive is something we signed a while ago to be honest, but we waited the right moment. The EP you are about to listen has a completely different approach, different vibe, progressive kind of feeling, with catchy elements still keepig that edge open for the techno heads to like it.

Take the time, have a listen and thanks for your constant support.
We appreciate it!

06/01/2017 - Porno142 - Duck Escape EP

Irregular Synth is a futuristing Italian dj and producer, who changed his DJing passion into a full time career already at his early age. Born and raised in Naples, one of the most generating cities where many nowadays famous techno DJs are coming from. His skills to combine interesting elements with the groovie rhythms are kind of his 'stamp' when it comes to producing music. His past releases were all greatly accepted by the industry professionals and press people, so no doubt his Duck Escape EP will attract them as well.

Three tracker with Pornographic Recordings as a first release in 2017!


25/11/2016 - Porno139 - Late Departure

Originaly from the South of France, Matt Minimal begins at the age of 15 years to become passionate for electronic music. Just a year later, he composed his first serious music which get signed on few really interesting and important labels from the electronic music world.
We at Pornographic Recordings are really happy to present a new EP from this talented young producer and we are sure it will work well for your future playlists.

Two tracker EP, entitled 'Late Departure' is OUT NOW on Beatport!